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Cobb County Superior Court

70 Haynes St. Marietta, GA 30090


Juror Exit Survey

Date of Jury Service:

Regarding the insert accompanying your jury summons:

Upon receiving your petit jury summons, were you able to locate your jury information easily?

Were the instructions on the jury summons easy to follow and understand?

To the best of your knowledge, was all of the information contained on the jury summons accurate?

Regarding the Jury Administration website:

Were you able to access our website easily from the information printed on the jury summons you received?

Did you find the link to the 'Confirm Petit Jury Attendance' easily on our website?

Did you find the online form easy to understand?

Regarding the confirmation email you received from Jury Administration:

Was the final confirmation email you received from jury administration easy to understand and follow?

Was the initial reporting information you received in the email correct?

Regarding reporting to the courthouse:

Did the information displayed on the video monitors in the Jury Assembly Room help you understand our jury process here in Cobb Superior Court?

Regarding Jurors selected for a trial:

Did you find the staff and bailiff's assistance through the jury trial process easy to follow?

Is there anything you would like us to consider changing or adding as we continue to evaluate our new jury processes?