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Cobb County Government

100 Cherokee Street, Marietta, GA, 30090, US


Share the Care Contact Form

Complete form below if you are interested in dental and hearing services through the Share the Care program.  

Providing aid to those 60+ in need

Funding to cover dental and hearing services from approved providers

For Cobb residents

  • 60 + years of age
  • Household income <200% of the federal poverty level

Program is based on available funding.

NOTE: This is not the program application.  You will be emailed the link for the full program application.  Submitting an application does NOT guarantee approval.  If you have any questions about the program or the process for applying, please call (770) 528-5350.  Thank you!

Full Name

Is the person receiving services a Cobb County resident?

Only Cobb County residents are eligible. 

Is the person receiving services 60 years of age or older?

The gross household income must be 200% or below of the federal poverty scale.  

Household of 1- $29,160

Household of 2 - $39,440

Household of 3 - $49,720

Household of 4 - $60,000

Household of 5 - $70,280

*A "household" includes all people living at the same residence, regardless of legal or familial relationship.