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Cobb County Government

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Adopt-A-Mile Application

Adopt-a-Mile Application Steps

1. Submit your application form(s) completed with all of the information requested; including your organization/group leader’s information and the desired road to adopt. 

2. Indicate the street(s) your organization is interested in adopting. Be sure to specify the location(s) by referencing nearby intersecting streets and/or other noteworthy landmarks. Please note that requested roads are subject to adoption availability. 

3. Complete your safety training with Keep Cobb Beautiful (KCB) staff/agent. The training form must be signed by your group leader(s). During safety training your cleanup supplies and safety vests will be issued. 

4. Be sure to review the Release of Liability/Parental Consent form(s) and include the appropriate name(s) and signature(s) for each participating volunteer. 

5. The Adopt-A-Mile sign work order form must be clearly printed. Sponsor name(s) cannot exceed 36 characters. Signs may be “In Memory Of” or “In Honor Of” a group or individual. Terms of endearment, personal information, and religious/political statement or endorsements are not allowed on the sponsor sign. 

6. The following forms must be completed and submitted, before the first quarterly cleanup, for your volunteer group to be considered an active participant: a. Application b. Release of Liability/Parental Consent c. Safety Training d. Work Order (Sign Installation) 

7. Submit your bag collection form as soon as possible after each cleanup; preferably within 48 hours. Forms may be sent via e-mail to

8. Contact KCB staff/agent for additional information or if you need supplies such as bags, safety vests, or litters grabbers.

Statement of Understanding

The Organization/Individual agrees that it shall do the following: 

1. Designate an “Adopt-A-Mile” Organization Leader and Co-Leader, who are eighteen years of age or older and provide Keep Cobb Beautiful with the person’s names, addresses and phone numbers. 

2. The Organization Leader(s) shall provide each participant with a Release of Liability/ Parental Consent form. The Organization Leader(s) shall require that every participant in the clean up of the adopted area complete and sign these appropriate forms. Parents or guardians of participants 17 years of age or younger (13 years of age is the youngest) must sign the Parental Consent /Release of Liability form. The Organization Leader(s) will ensure that no one works without the appropriately signed forms. 

3. The Organization Leader(s) are required to complete a mandatory Safety Training Session provided by the Keep Cobb Beautiful Coordinator. The KCB Staff will contact the Group Leader to schedule the training date. The session would be approximately 30 to 45 minutes. 

4. The Organization Leader(s) shall hold a documented safety meeting with all participants prior to every clean up which will include information learned at the Safety Training Session. The Organization, through the Leader(s), ensures that it understands and has made each participant aware of the hazardous nature of the work to be performed. 

5. The Organization shall plan four general clean ups, one a quarter, within a twelve month period. Also, agree to check your mile on a regular basis and conduct additional cleanups if necessary. 

6. The Organization Leader(s) shall require anyone present in the adopted area to wear appropriate safety vests and, signs may be borrowed from the KCB office subject to availability “VOLUNTEERS AT WORK” are in place. 

7. The Organization assumes all responsibility and liability for, and shall defend and hold the County of Cobb, Keep Cobb Beautiful, its officers and employees harmless from any actions at law or claims of any character brought for injuries, including death, or damages sustained by any person or property arising from any act or omission of the Organization or anyone associated with it in performing or failing to perform pursuant to this Agreement. 

8. The Organization shall require all participants to be at least 13 year of age, and shall have those participants 17 years of age or younger supervised by one or more adults. I have read and fully understand this Agreement and indicate it by initialing and signing below.


Please indicate the street your organization is interested in adopting.

Please identify the mile(s) using the intersection of streets or other noteworthy identification or landmark. Ex: Start at _______________, End at _______________.

Please indicate an alternate street your Organization may be interested in adopting.