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Cobb County Public Safety Police Academy

2435 East-West Connector Austell, GA 30106


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Cobb County Public Safety Police Academy2435 East-West Connector
Austell, GA 30106

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Rules and Regulations

All officers and civilians in attendance at any course taught at the Cobb County Public Safety Police Academy are expected to dress and conduct themselves professionally. Students will be dressed in appropriate attire. Officers will wear departmental Class A style uniforms or departmental approved training uniforms. Civilians will wear appropriate business casual attire and appropriate footwear. Unless otherwise instructed, denim jeans, shorts, athletic wear, to include sweat suits and stretch/yoga style pants, t-shirts, open-toe footwear and anything with inappropriate language or symbolism, as determined by academy staff, will not be allowed.

Visiting personal will be issued an Electronic "Proximity" Visitors Card granting them access to the facility's gated parking and controlled access areas. If their issued card is lost or stolen, it is their responsibility to report this immediately to the staff.  This card will be returned to the staff, in good working order, at the completion of the class they are attending. Failure to return the card will result in credit for the course being withheld until the cost of the card is covered.

The Academy will be accessed during normal working hours 0630-1600 hrs with the exception of prescheduled programs.  Students will not enter access controlled or administrative areas without staff approval. 

Certified LEO’s are authorized to be armed but all weapons must be carried in a holster that completely shrouds the trigger area.

The Cobb County Public Safety Police Academy course attendance requirements are consistent with Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council (POST) Uniform Academy Regulations, dated July 1, 2020.

  • Per paragraph 1.2.3, students shall not be absent for more than 5% of a State Mandated Training Course. The 5% regulation shall apply to high liability topics individually and shall be cumulative toward the entire course. High Liability topics are those topics which require a “specialized” instructor. Some examples of these topics are: Firearms, Emergency Vehicle Operations, Defensive Tactics, Judgmental Pistol Shooting, and Emergency Medical Training.
  • Per paragraph 1.2.4 a student shall be deemed absent for one hour if that student fails to report within fifteen minutes of the start of any hour of instruction, unless that student's absence has been excused by the academy director.
  • Per paragraph 10.1, students may not receive partial credit for refresher or in-service courses. To receive training credit, they must attend 90% of the entire course. An example of an in-service course is annual training.

CCPD Policy 6.02 states all sworn employees who attend training at a location inside the County, are required to have with them, at a minimum, a ballistic vest, portable radio, primary or secondary firearm, handcuffs, an extra magazine, and, if not in one of the Department uniforms, something that can easily identify them as a police officer (badge, police windbreaker, etc.), as well as their assigned county vehicle.

Laptops, cellphones, newspapers, etc., will not be used during class unless approved by the instructor.

Beverages are allowed in the classroom; however, the container must be covered with a sealable lid. Individual style snacks are also permitted provided they do not distract from the course or instruction.


Instructor/Student Code of Conduct

While attending training at the Cobb County Public Safety Police Training Academy, all students shall be governed by the policies, procedures, and guidelines set forth by the Training Academy and the Cobb County Police Department as it pertains to:

Conduct Between Students

Contact between students shall be respectful and courteous at all times.

Conduct Between Students and Academy Staff

Courtesy and professionalism shall be extended at all times between the Academy staff and the student.

Conduct of the Student During an Investigation

Any student removed from class for any reason must report directly to the Academy Director or Deputy Academy Director. The student must have approval from the Academy Director or Deputy Academy Director to return to class.

Sexual and Other Forms of Unlawful Harassment

Sexual or any other form of unlawful harassment (i.e., threats, etc.) is prohibited and will not be tolerated as directed by the Cobb County Employee Handbook.


Hazing is strictly prohibited by the Training Academy, by the students, as well as instructors. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition of hazing is "an initiation process involving harassment."

Physical Activity (not job or training related)

Any student choosing to participate in physical activity (weight training, basketball, walking, etc.) during official breaks, e.g., during lunch, shall be governed by the Department's rules and regulations in the event an injury occurs. Reckless or mischievous conduct is not allowed in the Training Academy.

Health & Safety Issues

It is the responsibility of the student and staff members to report any health or safety issues immediately to the Course Instructor or any Academy staff member for the purpose of correction.

Plagiarism & Copyright Infringement

No student shall inappropriately use information, materials, devices, sources, or aid another to complete academic activities. The materials distributed by the Cobb County Public Safety Police Training Academy are the property of the Cobb County Public Safety Police Training Academy and are not to be published, duplicated, or distributed without the consent of the Academy Director. Furthermore, no instructor shall present any material (as their own) without properly citing the source.

Appropriate & Inappropriate Behavior

All students and staff members shall conduct themselves in a manner that will not reflect negatively on themselves, the Cobb County Police Department, or their prospective employer.

Procedures for Reporting and Handling Violation of the Code of Conduct

Any student observing a violation of the code of conduct can report this violation to the Course Instructor, Academy Class Coordinator, or any other staff member. Reporting of the violation can be in writing or verbally, depending on the seriousness of the violation. Upon reporting, the protocol will be followed in regard to an investigation and notification of the student's employer.