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Carla Jackson, Tax Commissioner

(770) 528-8600

Cobb County Tax Sale - Bidder Registration

Before You Begin...

This site allows you to pre-register for bidding at Cobb County property tax sales only. Please make sure all information entered on the following application is correct before submitting. You must be present at the tax sale in order to bid.

If you have previously registered with us electronically, you do not need to register again unless you need to:

  1. Change your contact information.
  2. Change the information that will appear on the deed.
  3. Bid under a different name.

Website Disclaimers 


Online registrations must be verified in-person between 9:00 AM and 10:00 AM on the day of the tax sale. Present your photo ID when you arrive to receive your bidder ID card. Bidder ID cards will not be issued after the tax sale is under way.

The information entered in the following application will be used to register for tax sales held by the Tax Commissioner’s office. The making of false or fraudulent statements is a misdemeanor and subject to penalties and fines under applicable provisions of Georgia law. By submitting an application, you are stating that the information submitted is true and correct to the best of your knowledge.

Bidder Information

Please enter your information as shown on the driver's license/ID that will be used to check in at the tax sale.

Driver's License Information


Deed Information

Please enter information as you would like it to appear on the Deed.