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Fire Marshal's Office

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Tent Permit Application

  • Submit all tent permits a minimum of 10 business days before permit is desired.
  • ALL tents that require a tent permit are required to be inspected by CCFMO during normal business hours before use.
  • All tent submittals require a site plan even when a permit is not required to determine the placement is acceptable.
  • Tents less than 400sqft or canopies less than 700sqft (no sides) do not require a tent permit if they are spaced a minimum of 12ft. apart (IFC 3103.2).

General Information

Start Date of the Event:

End Date of the Event:


Tent Information

Tent Set Up Date:

Indicate which of the following are applicable:

Temporary Tent/Canopy Checklist

  • The below is not an all-inclusive list; all applicable fire and life safety provisions must be met.
  • Air-supported membrane structures are not covered in this checklist.

Fire Department Access and Location

1. Provide a site plan or an aerial of the property to show where the tent is proposed. Include dimensions from the tent to all structures, lot lines, other tents, and parking spaces.

2. Fire Department access is required to all tents. No tents are permitted in the fire department vehicle access way to a building. (This regulation is not exclusive to marked fire lanes.)

3. Location of tents: 20 feet minimum from lot lines, buildings, parked vehicles, fueled equipment, or tents dedicated to cooking operations. For exception refer to IFC 3103.8.2.

Tent Layout

4. Provide a floor plan/ layout of each tent. Identify each exit, exit sign, emergency light, fire extinguisher, and any furnishings.

5. Show any raised floor system (subfloor), stage, or platform must be identified on the tent layout.

6. Indicate the tent size and indicate whether sides will be provided or not on the drawing.

Means of Egress

7. Number and width of exits to comply with the Life Safety Code: occupancy specific.

8. Exits shall remain open, be a flame-resistant curtain of contrasting color on a free sliding metal support, or be another arrangement complaint with the Life Safety Code (IFC 3103.12.3).

9. Exit signs: to be provided where the occupant load exceeds 50 persons.

10. Emergency lighting: to be provided where required for the specific occupancy type.

11. Exit capacity based on occupant load using Life Safety Code Section

General Requirements

12. Fire retardant certificate required for each tent, must match the specific tent including sides.

13. Combustible material such as straw or hay is not permitted within 20ft of the tent.

14. Smoking is not permitted under tents; NO SMOKING signs shall be posted.

15. Provide a minimum of one 2A-10BC fire extinguisher.

16. Cooking is not permitted in or near tents except where permitted by the International Fire Code (IFC 3104.15.5).

18. Propane tanks: must be 10 feet from tents; secured; protected from vehicles.

17. Generators and fueled equipment: must be 20 feet away from tents.

Documents and Signature

Upload Site Plan, Flame Certificate, and Tent Layout:

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I have completed this form to the best of my knowledge and I understand that any activities or materials that were not approved by the Fire Marshal’s Office may be subject to the activity being terminated or the materials being removed. I also understand that some activities or materials will require a separate review/permit.

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