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Fire Marshal's Office

1595 County Services Pkwy, Marietta, GA 30008

NFPA 160 Flame Effect Permit Application

  • This application must be approved prior to the event.
  • All special events located inside a building or outside must comply with NFPA 101 (LSC), International Fire Code (IFC), and NFPA 160

Event Information

Facility Address:

Operator Name:

Start Date of the Event:

End Date of the Event:

Flame Effect Activities/Materials

Check Yes or No to all activities/materials that will be present during the flame effect event.

1. Site or Floor plan to include the following:

A. A narrative description of the flame effect

B. The location of the flame effect device(s), their controls, and the control sequence

C. The area affected by the flame effect device

D. The location of the audience from the flame effect device

E. Clearance to combustibles

F. The fuels being used and their estimated consumption

G. Air for combustion and ventilation for indoor effects

I. Storage and holding areas of the fuels

J. Means of egress from the flame effect area and the audience areas to the public way

K. Supplemental fire protection features and locations of required fire extinguishers

L. Emergency response procedures

2. The flame effect classification per NFPA 101

3. A list of all effects to be used along with a brief description

4. Current Material Data Sheets (MSDS) for the fuels consumed in the flame effect device

5. Documentation that all combustible material used for the effect are rendered flame retardant

6. A detailed description of each performance using each different effect

7. Cold and Non-Pyrotechnic effects (ex. Spakular) need the required Class D extinguisher

8. Name and copy of Operator’s License or Certification

9. Provide date and time of visual inspection of each flame effect device prior to start of event

10. Operator shall make the operating instructions for flame effects available to the AHJ

11. Profession fire watch will be required, contact the CCFMO’s Special Event Captain at 770-528-8175 for scheduling and fees.

*May be subject to a Plan Review Expedite Fee of $1500.00 and/or an Inspection Expedite Fee of $1000.00

Site Plan and Signature

Upload a Detailed Floor/Site Map:

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I have completed this form to the best of my knowledge and I understand that any activities or materials that were not approved by the Fire Marshal’s Office may be subject to the activity being terminated or the materials being removed. This plan shall be reviewed with the AHJ, flame effects operator, and building owner/representative prior to the production, to ensure coordinated response in the event of an emergency.

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